Reforging Talent
Increasing Capacity and Winning Awards

Winning Government Contracts

ReVIEW Talent Feedback System's methodology for winning Govermnet Contracts has brought in over 12 billion dollars in opportunity.

1: Identify Opportunities

SBIR, IES, NSF, AfWerx, NIH. We find you money or analyze your task orders.

2: Create Team

We match the opportunity with researchers across our Higher Education network.

3: Recruit Advisory Boards

We find University Presidents, General Officers, Field Grade Officers, and C Suite Executives to serve your team.

4: Storyboard

We craft a winning narrative with a CTA of, "Give me your money."

5: Research Based Budgeting

Utlizing market research, academic journals, and agile methods we craft a budget plan based in science.

Write and Publish

You can't write. Your team can't write. Stop pouring overhead down the drain. Nobody has a more talented bench of writers. It is why we team up with Higher Education.

Educational Training and Talent Management

ReVIEW Talent Feedback System provides instructional design, cybersecurity training, leadership coaching, and a platform for data driven growth and evaluation.

Cyber security
Government Contracting
k12 trainings
Highher Education trainings

Instructional Design

Teachers Love our Tools

Video Based Calibration

Increasing Evaluator Capacity

Comprehensive Talent Platform

Improving Instructional Capacity

Flexible Forms

Adapt to any Response for Proposal

Flexible Frameworks

No Evaluation Plan is the Same

Effective Reports

Feedback that Drives Growth

Program Evaluation

Strengthen the quality of your RFP response by including third party program evalaution.

  • Framework Understanding

    We need to connect observed evidence to appropriate indicators. We have research validateds program tools that measure alignment to any framework or rubric.

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Feedback

    Our program evaluators use a preponderance of both qualitative and quantitative evidence aligned to program goals, objevtives, and indicators.

  • Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

    Instructional capacity increases when teachers get actionable feedback based on best pedagogical practices.Our porgram evaluators help you grow through the Claim, Connect, Action method to ensure trainers focus on meaningful student engagement and learning.

  • Supportive Yet Critical Feedback

    When Principal Investigators and program managers receive feedback for growth directly connected to your indicators instructional capacity grows. The ReVIEW Talent Feedback System puts the focus on coaching and development not tagging of evidence.

  • An Awareness of Bias

    We all have different lenses. The ReVIEW Talent Feedback System helps Principal Investigators and program managers recognize their bias and provide the most objective feedback possible.

  • Clear Communication

    Our system trains teachers to write effective feedback reports that are evidence driven. Using the Claim, Connect, Action method Principal Investigators and program managers learn to make claims based on a framework, connect that claim to observed evidence, and then recommend actionable feedback.

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