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Collaborating with Faculty to Design the Future

High Quality Feedback

We root ourselves in the philosophy that high quality feedback is the true pathway to growth towards creativity and scholarship.

Learner Centered Environments

All of our tools from our reflective assessments to our learning streams, build intellectual and ethical leadership.

Blended Communities

We provide on-demand coaching online faculty members want in almost any mode or medium. Online or on the ground.

Instructional Capacity

Coaching on the delivery of personalized learning

Retention Matters

Focusing on faculty's instructional capacity ensures students succeed and graduate.

Feedback Matters

Few department chairs are ever trained in providing high-quality feedback to improve instructional capacity.

Data should Drive

There is little system wide data of how department chairs provide feedback to faculty.

What we Offer:

  • Personalized coaching in online teaching.
  • Increased capacity of department chairs to facilitate better teaching..
  • Research based frameworks for effective online teaching.

How it's Done:

  • ReVIEW Talent Feedback System is utilized to increase the evaluative capacity of department chairs.
  • Observations of online classes scored using your framework for online teaching
  • Our coaches provide feedback to department chairs scored on how well they observe for online teaching.

Digital Pedagogy

Helping Higher Education faculty so students can take full advantage of online offerings.

Massive Growth in Online Learning

Giving future students the course design they deserve by personalizing our instructional design.

Future Ready

Utilizing the Department of Education Future Ready instruments to analyze curriculum.

Empowering the LMS

Recognizing how to rethink the LMS and take advantage of the web.

What we Offer:

  • A Focus on "online doesn't mean alone."
  • Respect of Privacy through Data Empowerment.
  • Tools for Reflective Practice.

How its Done:

  • We develop a localized framework of online teaching by remixing open standards and based on best practices from research.
  • Provide on the ground institutes, an 8 module online course, and 1:1 online digital coaching.
  • Create learning streams for sharing of reflections and artifacts.

Increasing Digital Literacy

Preparing Higher Education Faculty for Future of Design

  • digital brain

    Supporting Computational Thinking

    Online students have access to new tools and can prepare for the knowledge economy.

  • Building the Creative LMS

    Effective online teaching is so much more than a discussion board or a adaptive testing.

  • Enhancing curriculum with digital texts and tools

    Instructional capacity increases when teachers get actionable feedback based on best pedagogical practices. For the Higher Education Faculty this means also utilizing numerous digital tools to empower learners..

  • Reading, Writing, and Participating Online

    We need to create pathways that recognize our students as members of the knolwedge economy.

  • Coding, Creating, Contemplating

    We all learn best in production centered clasrooms. We will help transform students into digital makers.

  • Creating a Learning Presence

    We help move Universities beyond simple portfolio assessments and into learning pathways and developing an online presence for students.

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We are a team of educational and digital leaders known across the globe for our expertise.

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